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24 12 2008

I keep seeing the subscription numbers rise for this blog.  Please remember that  I won’t be posting on this blog anymore.  Update your RSS subscription to my new blog by clicking here: Update to new RSS

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Happy Holidays!


Announcement – Setting Sail for 2009 on a Pirate Ship

19 12 2008

Please check out this very important announcement that I have – Setting Sail for 2009 on a Pirate Ship

As part of this announcement, I will no longer be continuing this blog but will be actively blogging on my new blog.  Please take a second to update your RSS feed.

I look forward to keeping our conversations going on over there….


Creating a Web Presence for Your Company

8 10 2008

We will continue with Day 3 of our Pixelated Conference Series tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can check out our two previous conferences on productivity and personal branding.  But, today we have a guest post from Susan Payton.  Susan Payton is the Managing Partner of Egg Marketing & Public Relations, as well as the blogger behind The Marketing Eggspert. She enjoys helping businesses develop an effective marketing strategy, using Marketing 2.0, email campaigns, and social media.

If you’ve turned on your computer at all in the last five years, you know the Internet is the future for marketing your business. While you may not be a techspert, you can still use the Internet to establish your business’ place in your industry.The key is being in as many places online as you are comfortable being. Some examples:

· Company website
· Blog
· Press releases
· Mention on other websites
· Comments on blogs/forums

Having a website for your company is non-negotiable. Many people only do business with companies who have a website. It shows you understand the value of being online and that you have invested the time and money it takes to develop a professional site.

A blog is a valuable tool that can help you establish yourself or your company as an expert in your field. Many top companies have blogs today, including Southwest Air, Dell, and of course, That’s Great PR!

Press releases are great for building web presence and SEO. While you may or may not end up on Oprah as a result, you will diversify the places your press release (and also your URL) end up on the web. Your release will be distributed on major news channels, like Google News, as well as industry sites, and bloggers in your niche will pick it up as well.

This will lead to mention on other sites. The very nature of PR today is that it is viral. What starts in one place will quickly spread faster than you can blink. And that’s a good thing.

By leaving comments on blogs and forums, you’re leaving a breadcrumb trail. Just be sure to include the URL to your site in your signature. And only post relevant conversations, because the purpose is to communicate, not blatantly push your company’s agenda.

So how are you getting exposure online for your business?

Ways to Establish You or Your Business as THE Expert in Your Field

1.    Put out regular press releases. Keeping a steady momentum will increase your placement on search engines.
2.    Participate in conversations online. In forums, on blogs, in social media platforms.
3.    Start a blog about what you know best.
4.    Attend conferences.
5.    Get speaking engagements.
6.    Write a book or ebook.
7.    Get interviews.

Make Search Engines Love Your Brand

Search engines love press releases. When you write regular press releases and have them distributed online, more reporters, bloggers and future customers can find you. Before you know it, you’ll be sifting through a pile of interview opportunities and orders for your product!

[Disclosure: That’s Great PR! utilizes Egg Marketing & Public Relations for some of our email marketing services.]

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Pixelated Conference Series – Personal Branding

7 10 2008

For Day 2 of our Pixelated Conference Series (you can read more about what this is from Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel and Bryan Eisenberg), I thought we’d explore personal branding.  While yesterday’s focus on productivity was more of a full-day conference packed with tons of reading recommendations, I thought I’d make today’s sessions shorter…more like a breakfast seminar.  I don’t know about everyone else but Tuesdays are meeting day for me so therefore it’s hard for me to dedicate a full day to a conference but I do attend a lot of events/meetings at breakfast and lunch so I thought this might be appropriate.

Today we have 3 speakers lined up for you: Jim Kukral, Dan Schawbel and Gary Vaynerchuk as well as a few extras for you to take with you after breakfast.

Breakfast Seminar

We start today again with an interesting video to make sure you’re awake.  If you’ve never seen this series before, make sure you check out a few of them!

First up is web marketing strategist, Jim Kukral who is going to speak about his thoughts on Tim Russert and personal branding.

Next is personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel who is going to talk about developing your digital personal brand.

For our keynote today, we have the always entertaining Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV who discusses building personal branding through social media as well as what it takes to be successful at developing your brand.

Some of my favorite posts (the short list)

Great Sites to Check Out (again, the short list)


Ok folks, that wraps it up for our breakfast seminar on personal branding.  Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Day 3 of our 5 day Pixelated Conference Series.  I hope you enjoyed and I encourage you to share your thoughts on personal branding in the comments below.

Now it’s time for me to run to a few meetings but while I’m away from my laptop I’d love to hear how you develop your personal brands.

[Disclosure: I am a featured columnist for Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Magazine]

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Old School vs New School PR in a Web 2.0 World

16 07 2008

It amazes me how many companies still do not harness all that the Web 2.0 world has to offer when distributing press releases and creating industry buzz.  Let’s take a look at the old school vs new school approaches to distributing press releases.

The old way of marketing – Traditionally marketing teams would put together a press release and send it to a handful of newspapers, magazines and radio stations.  The press release might be mentioned/written about and those audiences who subscribe to the newspaper/magazine or who listen to that radio station would be exposed to the content of the PR.  If the company hires a reputable marketing firm, they may guarantee that their PR will receive more exposure due to the reputation and network of that firm.  But, how would they reach all of the other possible interested folks who weren’t part of one of those groups mentioned above? Simply put: they wouldn’t.  This translates to lost opportunities for the company in developing prospective customers and helping the company to push their brand to a mass-audience.

The new way of marketing – Nowadays companies who embrace Web 2.0 have so many other available tools besides the traditional vehicles for reaching prospective customers.  Now companies can have a website, blog, social networking pages such as MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and also reach audiences into the millions with their PR campaign – if they know how to properly target that PR for the internet.

Besides becoming diversified on the World Wide Web, companies have to debunk the old myth that you only publish press releases when you have BIG news such as a new product release, corporate merger or acquisition, etc.  Companies should publish press releases about anything that they have going on.  The more press releases you get distributed, the more your company (and brand) will stay at the tops of the major search engines when prospective customers search for your company and/or products.

David Meerman Scott, in his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR suggests writing a PR about anything from your CEO speaking at a conference to winning an award or publishing a white paper.  Whatever the subject, the goal is to keep your company in front of prospective and current customers.

Resources on becoming a new school PR expert:

  • I highly recommend purchasing The New Rules of Marketing & PR.
  • While waiting for the book to arrive, download and read the condensed ebook which focuses on web-based press releases with suggestions on how to properly optimize your PRs for the web.
  • Brian Solis’ PR Tips for Startups is an excellent resource for an overview on the history of PR and where we are today in the Web (PR) 2.0 world.  Solis provides thought-provoking and actionable tips for the reader to implement.
  • Another resource from David Meerman Scott is his Gobbledygook Manifesto which will help you to analyze your corporate marketing and PR materials, remove meaningless catch-phrases, and communicate with your prospective and current customers in way which they will understand.

Becoming proficient at maximizing social media, web-based PR and marketing, and understanding all of the available tools to you will not happen overnight.  It will take time to build these networks and is a space that is ever-changing to meet the speed of technology.  But, don’t be afraid of it, embrace it and utilize these resources to help you start understanding the Web (PR) 2.0 world.

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