Pixelated Conference Series – Productivity

6 10 2008

You’re probably wondering what the title of this post means.  Well, Chris Brogan extended an idea by Mitch Joel who created the Pixelated Conference based on an original idea by Future Now.  The idea is simple: take a theme, find a group of videos on the theme as if they were speakers at your conference, and post on your blog linking them together with the title “Pixelated” (a little more detail can be found here).

I think this idea is so great that I’ve decided that each day this week I will highlight a different theme as part of the Pixelated Conference Series.  To take the idea one step further, instead of just posting videos, I am also going to include all of the other stuff you would usually find at conferences: references to interesting blogs, books, applications, slide decks and just about anything else I find which I think may be of interest to you.  I enourage you to post other links related to the theme in the comments section or go out and create your own Pixelated Conference and let me know about it.  I think this is going to be fun as it’ll be a way to showcase some of the people I really look up to and admire for their thought leadership on certain topics.

Day 1 of my Pixelated Conference Series is on the theme of productivity.  A small warning ahead of time before anyone points it out to me…several of the videos come from talks at Google campuses.  Google is excellent at bringing in different authors and thought leaders to speak to their staff on their subjects of expertise.

I hope you enjoy and look forward to reading your comments. 🙂


Since conferences always start so early, I think we need something to wake you up and ensure everyone is paying attention.

We start our conference with the godfather of productivity and self-help, Dr. Stephen R. Covey.

Merlin Mann continues our conference with his popular “Inbox Zero” discussion about email.

Moving right along, our next session is brought to us by the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller, The Four Hour Work Week, Timothy Ferriss.

Next, during Day 1 of our Pixelated Conference Series, we have David Allen, who created the Getting Things Done (GTD) phenomenon

Merlin Mann joins us again to extend on the thoughts of GTD and offers a session on “Time and Attention”.

To finish off our sessions is a quick tip from Tim Ferriss on packing


Some of my favorite posts (the short list)

Great Sites to Check Out (again, the short list)

Many of the links above will also bring you to slide decks of the presentations as well as recommendations on software and sites to help enhance your productivity.  Also, this is by far not an exhaustive list.  I have read thousands of posts on productivity, many of which interest me and I refer back to often.  However, the posts and sites above are some of my favorite.  In the future I will follow up on this discussion with an overview of the tools that I use on a daily basis to help me to be continually more productive.

So, that does it for Day 1 of the Pixelated Conference Series.  I hope you have found this to be helpful and look forward to everyone attending Day 2 tomorrow.

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How Productive Are You When You’re Online?

23 07 2008

A few months ago I started reading more and more about RescueTime, a tool that could “watch” me throughout the day, track what programs and sites I spend my time on and help me to be more productive.  I installed the program and immediately fell in love with it.  The application runs in the background and produces a detailed set of analytics which can be dissected in a variety of ways.

Last week Robert Scoble interviewed Tony Wright, CEO of RescueTime.  This was a fun and informative video to watch.  After watching the video make sure you head over to RescueTime’s site and download the application.

For the first week, jot down the sites (ahem, Twitter, FriendFeed, Google Reader, Facebook, etc.) that you visit often along with a guestimate of how long you think you spend per week on each of these sites.  I guarantee you’ll be shocked how quickly 5 minutes here and there adds up!

You can use all the time you’ll gain back from using RescueTime to develop your internet PR strategy to gain you or your company more exposure.

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