Don’t Forget About the Importance of Internal Marketing and Communication Strategies

10 11 2008

marketingplanSo you’re really psyched because you’ve been working hard on the marketing plan for your company’s hot new product.  You’ve worked on creating catchy packaging with eye-popping colors and a really cool, trendy logo.  You created a social media press release that you’re going to launch on PitchEngine.  You’re planning on setting up a Facebook fan page because thousands of people are going to flock around this product.  You’ve even started to figure out this whole social media and blogging thing that everyone keeps talking about.  This is definitely going to be the next coolest thing that everyone never realized that they needed but now won’t be able to live without.

A few weeks later your company launches the product and your inbound marketing plan is working perfectly.  People are subscribing to your opt-in newsletter, signing up for demos, tweeting, commenting and digging everything they can find about your company and this new product.  The phones are ringing constantly.  But, then you find out something pretty disturbing.  The sales team is having a hard time converting all of these leads to customers.  Immediately you begin to blame them.  I mean, they’re wasting the leads that you worked so hard to get for them!  Finally, one night you’re out for drinks with a friend of yours who is on the sales team.  You ask them why can’t the sales team convert any of these leads and they tell you it’s because they never received any training on the product, they didn’t know about the timing of any of the marketing campaigns, and that made them unprepared.  So, when they’re talking to leads, they’re fumbling through the call because they’re learning as they go.

This little story highlights something very important but often overlooked.  As marketers we sometimes get so wrapped up in planning and executing our marketing plan to the rest of the world that we forget that we also need a marketing and communications plan for our staff.  We can’t just assume that they know everything that’s going on just because we do.  It is important that we are constantly aware of this so that we avoid operating in a silo or out on an island.

As I was thinking about this stuff over the past couple days, I came across a post by Douglas Karr on this very same topic.  Thanks to him, I found this funny video on the topic of internal marketing and communication plans.

If you have problems viewing this video in your RSS reader, you can view the video here.

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2 responses

10 11 2008
Apolinaras "Apollo" Sinkevicius

Loved the video! One of the biggest branding/marketing failures I have seen in my career was where the founders were all fired up about the new strategy, but they failed to market it to the staff. Worse yet, since founders never really sold the service, they had no idea how customers perceived the service and the brand.
At the end of the day, sales teams refused (yes – REFUSED) to use new marketing materials and new terminology. Founders had to go back to the drawing board after dumping all that money.
#1 involve your staff in crafting the marketing strategy, because they are at the front lines and #2 if you can’t sell the new strategy to the staff, you will not be able to sell it to the customer.

Just my 2 cents.

Apolinaras “Apollo” Sinkevicius

10 11 2008
Josh Whitford

I love the video it is so true that most are that clueless when it comes to interaction and communication between businesses and clients (and employees).

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