Using the Most and Least Social Networking Utilities as Possible

29 10 2008

Today Josh Whitford takes over my blog with a guest post.  Josh is an Internet Marketeer who focuses on current Marketing Ideas and Unconventional Marketing Techniques.

How is it possible to use “the most and least” social networking communities at the same time?

Management, that’s how.

I subscribe to dozens and dozens of different social networking communities, including hundreds of social

Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and JESS3

Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and JESS3

bookmarking sites. The only way this is possible is through management and automation tools such as Ping allows you to simultaneously update your Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Delicious, Plurk, Flickr and WordPress accounts all at once. I even have set up through my Gtalk Google’s Chat program so all I have to do is send an IM to and everything gets updated.

Tools like allow you to maintain a broader presence online without sacrificing the amount of time needed to achieve the same manually. The only down side to is not being able to see any replies people have posted. This problem can be circumvented by subscribing to all your social networking sites via your RSS reader (if you don’t have an rss reader get one right now, they’re free). So, if you do get a comment or reply back from a post you did on your Twitter, you can see that and reply again.

The automation will save you so much time by not having to log in and out of all your various sites to update your status. This allows you to meet other where they are at no matter what network they user or favor. If you can maintain and meet people where they are at they will be more likely to follow you and pay attention to what you have to say.

Another invaluable tool to use to increase your presence online is a WordPress blog and a few optimized plugins. The first plugin is the All In One SEO. This plugin is a quick and easy to use plugin that lets you optimize every post you do in seconds. The next plugin that is a must is Auto Social Poster.

Auto Social Poster allows you to automatically post your current blog post to hundreds of social bookmarking sites if you so choose. Most people will use just a few of the more popular sites like Delicious and Backflip, but you do have the option to add as many as you would like.

The plugin also allows you to randomly select X number of sites to submit to along with randomly selected keywords. This helps you avoid being banned by any bookmarking sites for over use while ensuring adequate exposure to as many sources as possible.

These tools are just a few of the hundreds out there to help automate your presence online. Time is the most valuable thing you have and the less time you have to spend logging in and out of sites, copying and pasting, waiting for slow load times and so on will allow you to become more productive online.

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4 responses

29 10 2008
Sue Massey

Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

29 10 2008
Tiffany Monhollon

While I think it’s great to use time management tools to help you in your social media efforts, something that tactics like this seem to overlook is the question of how reduplication of messages and efforts actually helps build your brand or your presences. Does it? What’s been your experience with this? I think this tactic you propose is probably only useful when you use it to update statuses but also have a real-time presence on the sites – otherwise, the relationship-building and conversational element of social networking is lost and you’re just putting up a billboard of yourself, in essence. Online, people don’t want billboards, they want interaction, authenticity, and mostly -real.

What do you think?

29 10 2008
Tiffany Monhollon

Just realized that comment is linking to my old blog – this one has a link to a recent post I wrote up also examining time in regards to social networking. I advocate a less-is-more approach. Curious your thoughts on that as well… Thanks for the great post!

29 10 2008


I agree that nothing replaces the full interaction. I approach this more from the angle of the little things like updating my status to: “josh: really doesn’t like moving.” I do it once with and all my sites are updated, if someone replies I can continue that conversation on Facebook or whatever.

As for the ASP (autosocialposter) that is purely for backlinks to my post. I wrote about Seth Godin Tribes right when it came out and because of that Plugin I ranked higher than his blog and because I had those instant backlinks. This isnt the case anymore but it did provide a flood of traffic.

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