Learning How to Use Twitter Effectively

13 10 2008

This past Friday, the inbound marketing gurus over at HubSpot presented a webinar on How to Use Twitter for Marketing and PR.  The webinar was hosted by their marketing team: Mike Volpe, Rick Burnes and Ellie Mirman.  They covered a lot of the basics for using Twitter including how to get started, thoughts on personal vs professional use, how to measure and analyze activity, and some of the various tools and resources which can be used to extend Twitter.  HubSpot has already posted the recording as well as the slide deck for the webinar.  Also, Laura Fitton posted an excellent review as well as notes.

Heavy users of Twitter tend to forget that only a very small amount of the population are actually on the service right now.  Twitter directory, TwitDir, pegs the current number of users at approximately 3.1 million.  For everyone else who is not using it yet or does not understand Twitter, take a minute to watch this video from Common Craft:

Recently the team at EpicFu helped explain Twitter as well as many of the available tools and resources:

Many businesses tend not to understand Twitter, or social media in general, so they don’t realize that whether or not they utilize the service, that there are millions of people (and growing rapidly) who could be talking about their company and/or products/services.  Not too long ago, social media expert Chris Brogan explored the 50 ways on using Twitter for business.

I’m curious to know the ways in which you utilize Twitter and other social media.  If you aren’t on Twitter, and/or shy away from other social media platforms, I’d also like to know your thoughts in the comments section.

Oh, by the way, for anyone not following me on Twitter…you can find me @justinlevy 🙂

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3 responses

13 10 2008
Ellie Mirman

Justin – great post. I think we (heavy twitter users) often forget the twitter-bubble that we live in. We are very much a select group, even though twitter is going more and more mainstream. It will be interesting to see where this goes, with all the education going around about twitter, and potentially more and more marketing / business users getting involved with social media.

13 10 2008
Hugh Briss - Ventibate

It’s always good when someone writes an article promoting Twitter but it would be better if you helped their branding efforts by using the actual Twitter logo and not the Twitterfiic bluebird logo.

13 10 2008
Justin Levy

@Ellie- Thanks for putting on such a great webinar. These type of webinars are great even for heavy Twitter users because it reminds us of some of the basics.

@Hugh- I understand what you’re saying but I wanted to use something different than the standard logo since I see that on so many other posts about Twitter. I hope you enjoyed the post overall!

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