Pixelated Conference Series – Inbound Marketing/Social Media

9 10 2008

For Day 3 of our Pixelated Conference Series (you can read more about what this is from Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel and Bryan Eisenberg), we are going to explore two popular topics which complement one another, inbound marketing and social media.  If you missed the previous two days of this conference, make sure you check out the sessions on productivity and personal branding.

Since inbound marketing and social media are such hot topics nowadays, I’m going to only present a few clips but then provide you with a bunch of resources for you to view at your leisure.


We start out the sessions with a fun video which helps to explain social media in plain English.

Next, is an interview with PR 2.0 expert and principal of Future Works, Brian Solis.

Let’s watch two short clips highlighting why we should be focused on inbound, permission-based marketing as opposed to interruption marketing.

Our next presenter is social media thought leader Chris Brogan.

Finally, Seth Godin brings us a talk about marketing. [Note: If you’ve never read any of Seth’s books, head over to Amazon and start reading!]

Also, for a ton of great videos on inbound marketing, social media, viral videos, and a whole lot more, take some time to watch the videos that HubSpot has posted from the Inbound Marketing Summit that they hosted a couple months ago.

Great Marketing and Social Media Blogs

Here are some great marketing and social media minds, besides the presenters who you should already be reading religiously.  Again, this is just a short list.  I subscribe to hundreds of other blogs and to list all of the ones that I really like would make this post waaaay too long 🙂


Tomorrow is the 4th and final day of this Pixelated Conference Series project.  Until then I’d like to hear about how you’re using new marketing and social media in your professional lives.

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