One Simple Question: What are you working on?

12 09 2008

We are taking a break from our normally scheduled posting about internet PR and marketing to bring you something very cool.  A new Twitter-like micro-blogging service would like to ask you one simple question: “What are you working on?”

Earlier in the week Yammer won TechCrunch 50 and officially launched their service following their presentation.  Yammer is a micro-blogging tool for companies – think: Twitter for Business.  Yammer allows colleagues to interact with each other in real-time by posting short messages which are then displayed to the entire network of employees.  Users can ask questions, share information, post links, etc.  Users can also create hashtags to group a conversation on a particular topic together.  Each user has a profile which shows previous conversations which can easily be referenced thus building a knowledge base for each employee.  The user profiles also creates a company directory on Yammer.  This is a very useful feature for large companies which may be spread over several offices.

You can post messages to Yammer in a variety of ways: via web, desktop app, SMS, Blackberry app, iPhone app or IM.  This is great because it allows users to stay constantly connected to the network and also allows them to choose which platform they prefer to use.  For example, I have a hard time staying active on Plurk because of the need to login to their website in order to post messages.  However, I use Twitter all day long because of Twirhl (desktop app) and TwitterFon (iPhone app).  Therefore, I think it is great to see Yammer launching with the ability to already choose your preferred method of communicating with the network.

Yammer uses a similar model to how Facebook was when it first launched by using the domain address of the users email account to verify and accept them into the network.  Anyone can sign up for the service with a valid business email account and start inviting colleagues.  Privacy is maintained by only allowing access to a company’s network to those with a valid company address.

The service is already gaining popularity quickly.  One day later the service had 10,000 people and 2,000 companies on its network.

Yammer is free though they do have a paid model for companies wishing to claim their network and gain administrative rights over their users.  You can view the video of their demo at TechCrunch50 and then sign up here.  Also, here are some screenshots of Yammer in the wild:

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