Want Press? Check Your Inbox

27 08 2008

Are you an expert at something?  We all are, right?  Have you ever wondered how you could be that expert that’s featured in various news stories across the country?  Some choose to start a blog to showcase this expertise.  But, what if you could have a list of queries from reporters emailed to you every day which you could skim though and pick ones that are in your expertise to respond to?  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s real and available to you for free!

The service I’m talking about is called Help A Reporter Out which is the creation of Peter Shankman, founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc., a marketing and PR agency in New York City.  The service is free and only takes a few seconds to sign up for.  After signing up and confirming your email address you will begin to receive up to three emails per day with a list of stories which reporters are seeking help on.  The only rule of the service is that you only respond to the journalist query if and only if you think that you can really help that reporter out.

About a month ago I had read about the service from Tiffany Monhollon.  I found it interesting but quickly forgot about it with a rush of pressing tasks that needed to get done.  A few days ago I remembered that I wanted to check it out and decided to sign up.  A couple hours later I received my first email query.  I anxiously scrolled through to see what this was going to be like.  Guess what?  I found a story to respond to!  I emailed the reporter, set up a time to talk the following day and viola….she is going to use some of that conversation in her article. 🙂

Everyone won’t have the same initial experience that I did of course but I encourage you to sign up.  This is a great way to help you gain some traditional media exposure and further develop yourself as an expert in your field!

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3 responses

27 08 2008
Tiffany Monhollon

It’s been amazing to see HARO grow and evolve. It’s great to have a free service that connects people and helps get stories told.

As a blogger, I’ve also been thinking about how this can help evolve the type of content I am creating – as a potential user from both ends of the feed.

Do you think it’s something you’d consider sending a query to, if you were looking to do an interview with someone?

27 08 2008

That is such a good idea on so many levels. Getting people to willfully sign up for a daily newsletter that is fun, interested, helpful and beneficial, what a concept.

12 09 2008
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