Newsforce Gives Your PR Access to a Premium News Network

18 08 2008

Recently, Newsforce released a new product which is a paid placement network for press releases.  The new service, being called the Premium News Network, takes your press release and guarantees placement on major news sites.

To accomplish this, Newsforce purchases ad spots on the major news media sites and then displays their clients’ press releases within that advertisement space.  When a visitor clicks on the PR it brings them to a hosted article page which can include videos, photos, links, etc.  The Newsforce team then sends you weekly reports showing you how the PR is doing and allows you to tweak your headline or content whenever you want.  Each PR runs for 30 days at which time it can be renewed or you can submit a new press release.  Their pricing structure is based on the number of headline impressions you are targeting for your campaign.

Newsforce has already partnered with several media sites such as: Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Boston Herald, and a bunch more.  They also continue to add more partners each week.

What interests me about this service is that it’s not like anything that’s out there right now, at least not that I’m aware of.  Internet PR distribution companies typically take your press release and push it out through the news-wires and other services and then rely on these sites to pick up on the release.  Newsforce is taking this same press release and placing it onto the major news sites.  As you can see from the example on the right, Newsforce had purchased the top advertising block on the Los Angeles Times Health section and had 3 press releases displaying along with a short description of each and a link back to the full release.

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One response

25 08 2008

I like that idea a lot. That is a good way to think outside the PR box. I think so much of the time we limit ourselves vs. the other way around.

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