Weekly Roundup: Posts from the PR World [8/2/08]

2 08 2008

This was a busy week for me starting off with a speaking engagement for an event that my restaurant sponsored as well as attending the WBJ Sales Summit.  I’m still trying to catch up and over the next few days I should have a few new and exciting posts ready!

I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you to Josh Whitford of the Unconventional Marketing Blog.  Earlier in the week he showed the blog some love by posting an excellent review on his site.  If you haven’t subscribed to Josh’s blog yet then you should subscribe now and take some time to dig through his archives.

Currently Reading
Since I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to reading, I’m still busy reading Scoble’s Naked Conversations. Once I finish with his book, I’m going to pick up one of Seth Godin’s Meatball Sunday: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?

I’m curious what everyone else is reading.  So, in the comments section let me know what books you are currently reading or have recently read along with a quick review.

Interesting PR/Marketing/Social Media Posts

Ok, that’s it for this week’s roundup.  Short and sweet.  This coming week I’ll be conducting a few interviews which I’ll be posting soon so keep a look out for that.

Did you enjoy this post? If you want to learn more about internet PR and marketing (as well occasional tips on productivity/time management) then subscribe to the That’s Great PR! blog.

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2 responses

2 08 2008
Barbara Rozgonyi

Thanks for the pick-up – good to know about you and your blog. The article you linked to was a fun one to write.
Like your company concept behind That’s Great News and the steakhouse sounds like a winner, too. Feel free to drop by Wired PR Works anytime!
@wiredprworks on twitter.com

6 08 2008
Susan Payton, The Marketing Eggspert

I’m not reading any PR/marketing books right now, but wanted to mention a favorite (as you well know): The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott. I even interviewed him here: http://www.sparkplugging.com/marketing/these-are-the-new-rules-of-marketing/

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