Weekly Roundup: Posts from the PR World [7/25/08]

25 07 2008

Starting today this will be a weekly roundup of everything I found interesting from the slice of the blogosphere reserved for the world of PR, marketing and social media.  Besides popular PR, marketing and social media posts, I will also post what book(s) I’m currently reading as well as any other non-PR related interesting posts, tweets or articles.  Most of these will be new posts but some may be some older but still relevant.

This is a way for me to expose you to other blogs that may be of interest.  I hope that everyone enjoys and please leave any interesting posts and articles that you may come across in the comments section.

Currently Reading

Title: Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers
Robert Scoble and Shel Israel
Published: January 2006
ISBN: 047174719X
Summary: “Robert Scoble, author of the nation’s best read business blog, and veteran consultant Shel Israel believe blogging is already changing the face of business.  They show you how employee bloggers altered the public’s perception of Microsoft.  How an outspoken NBA team owner uses his blog to connect with fans.  How small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike can benefit from blogging, and how failing to use it properly can be disastrous.” -Inside Cover

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m late in reading this but I finally picked it up and am enjoying it so far.

Interesting PR/Marketing/Social Media Posts

Other Interesting Posts and Random Musings

That’s it for the first weekly roundup.  As the weeks go on and I get the formatting down, I’ll continue expanding this with more and more content.

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27 07 2008
Unconventional Marketing

Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

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