How Productive Are You When You’re Online?

23 07 2008

A few months ago I started reading more and more about RescueTime, a tool that could “watch” me throughout the day, track what programs and sites I spend my time on and help me to be more productive.  I installed the program and immediately fell in love with it.  The application runs in the background and produces a detailed set of analytics which can be dissected in a variety of ways.

Last week Robert Scoble interviewed Tony Wright, CEO of RescueTime.  This was a fun and informative video to watch.  After watching the video make sure you head over to RescueTime’s site and download the application.

For the first week, jot down the sites (ahem, Twitter, FriendFeed, Google Reader, Facebook, etc.) that you visit often along with a guestimate of how long you think you spend per week on each of these sites.  I guarantee you’ll be shocked how quickly 5 minutes here and there adds up!

You can use all the time you’ll gain back from using RescueTime to develop your internet PR strategy to gain you or your company more exposure.

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One response

31 07 2008

I need to take a look at that program. I know I could be a lot more productive online than I am currently 🙂

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