Monitoring Your Company’s Online Reputation

2 07 2008

An increasing concern among professionals, new grads, and entreprenuers concerns establishing a positive web presence.  The explosion of social networking through blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc have caused many companies to become increasingly concerned with their online reputation.

If you provide services online or are just a small entreprenuer without a website, people will always have a say about you and/or your services.  While the internet is a great medium for getting information about your products and services to the masses, irate or jealous competitors can use the internet to express their opinion(s).  Businesses take great care in protecting their names and brands all over the years as the brand, image and reputation of the company is important to its success or failure.

Nowadays one irate customer or disgruntled employee can post negative comments on different forums, blog sites, wiki pages, etc. which can cause major problems for a company in a short period of time.  This negativity can spread quickly, from search engines, blogs, forums and even to YouTube!   The explosion of using viral marketing to distribute a message online can be a vital part of a company’s marketing plan however that same concept can be used against them.  A negative or misinterpreted message which spreads rapidly through the Internet can take years to fix.  So how can an entrepreneur, company, new graduate, public official, or anyone else concerned about their online reputation monitor against this?

Monitoring your online reputation isn’t as hard as it seems.

Here are some tips on how to start managing your online reputation:

1. Subscribe to Google Alerts. Use your name, your company’s name, and/or particular important phrases as your keyword(s).  Google Alerts will automatically notify you via email if a blog post, forum post, article or other form of digital media has been published based on those keywords.  You even have the option to set alerts daily, weekly or monthly.

2. You can also subscribe to Yahoo News alerts and use the same keywords that you used with Google alerts.

3. Publish web-based press releases, a blog, and/or post comments on various forums and blogs.  This will help to push down anything negative with information that you control!

These tools shouldn’t be used only if/when you find negative information online about you, your company, your products or services.  You should implement these tools to proactively build a positive online reputation.

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